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The Curious Chronicles of
Villa Nellcote

A mysterious villa on the French Riviera. The Rolling Stones rented it. The wealthy and eccentric owned it. And the Nazis occupied it. But are all the rumors really true?


VOLUME 1: 1899 - 1974

The Curious Chronicles of Villa Nellcote tells the story of a single villa on the French Riviera, from its conception in 1899 until 1974.
The book is the result of six years of research, told through unknown photos, private journals and family archives.

The journey takes us to Villefranche-sur-Mer, Montpellier, Berlin, New Orleans, Valparaiso, San Fransisco, Monte Carlo, Magnitogorsk, Lausanne, Zurich and back to the Riviera.
In the process, an astonishing series of events linked to Villa Nellcote is discovered.

With Villa Nellcote as the gravitational centre, the fleeting ghosts of its former occupants is brought to life - the men and women who stamped the building with something of their own personality.

The Cast: The Russian aristocracy, British rock royalty, French bulldogs, German commanders, the cotton slaves of Virginia, Swiss attorneys and the largest sail-ship company of the world.


The original journal describing how the Goldenberg couple survived the Titanic disaster.
This in only one of the many original documents unearthed for this publication.

The phonebook from the Rolling Stones´ rental of Nellcote in 1971.


This book will be released in 2021 by Litteraturdepartementet.
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